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Sanfeng Covanta

Chongqing Sanfeng Covanta Environmental Industry Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter named Sanfeng Covanta) was founded in 1998. As a state-owned enterprise, over the past 25 years, it has achieved steady and rapid growth in WTE industry and has now become one of the top market players not only in China but also on the global arena. Its major business focuses on EPC, core equipment manufacturing and O&M service.

Sanfeng Covanta introduced the German Martin SITY 2000 incineration and semi-dry flue gas treatment technology in 2000, and has realized core equipment manufacturing localization. It built the world’s largest incinerator assembly base in 2009, manufacturing up to 60 sets of incinerator every year. 

SITY 2000 technology is featured by its unique reverse-acting grate, well-mixed fuel and complete combustion, particularly suitable for the low-calorificand highmoisture content MSW incineration in developing countries including Indonesia.

So far, Sanfeng Covantahas completed over 50 EPC projectsand its’s incinerators have been applied to about 400 incineration lines in over 230 WTE projects in 8 countries and regions, including Germany, United States, China, Ethiopia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka and Chinese MacaoSAR.

Looking ahead, Sanfeng Covanta is ambitious to become top-ranking WTE EPC contractor, equipment supplier and O&M service provider, and help to create a much cleaner world.


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