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Event Overview

Waste to Energy Asia Summit 2023

(June 14-16 in Jakarta Indonesia,)   

Time / Date

   2023/06/13 (Pre)  

 2023/06/14 (Day1)

 2023/06/15 (Day2)

 2023/06/16 (Post)



Waste to Energy Asia Summit 2023




Government Policy and WtE Tech

MSW to Energy, Power Plant

Site Visit to be announced



Exhibition Setup

Biomass energy and Project Update

 Environmental issue & Law

The Waste-to-Energy (WtE) market has grown considerably since incineration first started in 1874. Large markets were established in Europe as well as parts of Asia. However, concerns over harmful by-products of the incineration process, both pollution and public health-related, led to widespread regulatory tightening of dioxin, particulate and refuse fuel emissions, forcing some plants out of business and increasing public opposition to some plant developments.

Despite this, there are renewed growth prospects for the WtE industry. Not only is the world population growing, it is also becoming increasingly urbanised. This leads to greater levels of waste being generated globally, in more concentrated levels and in closer proximity to large urban areas. These issues are focusing more attention on waste management frameworks, with increased interest in alternatives to landfill. As a result, municipalities worldwide are considering the functionality of WtE plants to help deal with mounting waste being generated.

Waste to Energy in Indonesia

Indonesia seeks to achieve 23% renewable share in its primary energy mix by 2025. To achieve this target,  using new energy and renewable energy for power generation should be increase.

Different source of renewable energy has been relatively underutilized despite its huge potential, including waste as feedstock for power generation.

Indonesia has to deal with the unsolved problem of  increased waste production, the limited waste treatment capacity and the capability of most landfill facility areas; therefore waste-to-energy is believed to be one of the most effective solutions for waste management.

Local capability to support WtE technologies is now  growing.
The social acceptability of WtE technologies are taken into consideration to deal with the social opposition that is likely to increase.

 Event Feature:

☆ International Developing Trends and Indonesian Market Changes

☆ Dig the potential of Biomass & MSW conversion to energy in Asia

☆ Waste Power Generation Practice and Lessons Learned in Indonesian

☆ To Improve the Efficiency of Waste Power Generation Project and Risk Prevention

Key programme themes included:

☆ Financing - new models, new partnerships, new revenue streams

☆ The emergence of the decarbonised city, and the role of heat / cooling and energy from waste within it

☆ The commercialisation of advanced technologies and the options they offer

☆ The development of the international RDF / SRF market

☆ Increasing efficiency in waste to energy through technical advances and optimum operational management


Who should attend this event

 Waste to Energy Asia Summit 2023 Conference and Workshops are aimed at industry professionals who are looking to gain knowledge and information about waste treatment, Recycling, Landfill, Biological treatment, waste conversion, biomass energy, biogas, WtE power plant and Environmental Issues.. It will be especially relevant for:   

☆ Government and association     ☆WtE plant operators
☆ WtE plant design firms               ☆WtE engineering company
☆WtE facility providers                  ☆Waste sorting company
☆Waste landfill company               ☆Investment Bank
☆Consulting company                    ☆Law firm 
☆Venture Capital, Private Equity 

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